The Reason Why . . . – Dr. David Sorenson

“The reason why many churches are not growing today; the reason why many churches are not reaching bus parents; the reason why many churches are not even running buses; the reason why many churches today are stagnant and hotbeds of internal strife; the reason why many churches are not winning the lost; the reason why many churches are not getting the job done is simply that they (for one reason or another) have their priorities mixed up.”

This quote was an excerpt from Dr. David H. Sorenson’s book           “From Buses to Drive-in Crowd”

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  1. I have thought about helping with bus ministry but I don’t know if I can do anything, I turn 62 on December 6th, I have an artificial right hip and right knee, my memory is not very strong anymore. This book might shed some light in what I can do but looks like this book is out of print, why?

    1. Mr. Baines, Thanks for visiting my site. Congratulations on your forth coming birthday. As we get older there are certain things that we are just not able to do like we once could. Certainly, don’t under estimate the power of prayer. Every bus route needs a prayer warrior begging for souls to be saved, safety on the roads, etc. Sometimes a bus route needs someone driving around in a car helping to pick up people. I have people in the past who physically could not ride on a bus due to heath problems. I have had people like this in the past help by buying candy for the riders or making cookies or cupcakes as a treat for the afternoon ride home. You could also go with another bus worker during the week or on Saturday in the comfort of your own car and visit with the families. All these things are needed parts of the bus ministry. Unfortunately, this book was written back in the 70’s. I am working with the Author and my publisher to try to update the book some and get it back in print. That is going to take some time though. I could look in our book store and see if there happens to be a copy left. God bless you as you try to find ways to serve Him.

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