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This forum is here to be used.  If used correctly, the information contained on these pages can be a great help as we try to fix our buses, locate bus parts, or solve troubleshooting issues.  Spread the word and get people to join.  The more users we have, the greater wealth of information we can gather and put into one place for all of us to glean from.  When you create a log-in you can post on the forum. Once you have done that, go to the “What Type of Bus You have” topic and state what year, make, and model you have.  It could be an International with a Dt466E, 444e, 7.3lt or a 6.0.  If you are lucky to have a very old bus that is still in good shape you might even still have the two old bullet-proof engines like the DT360 mechanical or the 9.0lt V8 engines.  Your bus might be a Blue Bird, Thomas, or Freightliner and some buses might have a Cummins, Mercedes, or a Caterpillar engine under the hood.  It doesn’t matter what you have.  Let us all know and we will try to help.

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