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In a day when many churches are questioning whether the bus ministry is worth the time and money it takes to keep those buses rolling, this site is here to help you see that it is worth your time and money. I trust you will find the material located here helpful. Visit the forum and give your input or ask a question about bus mechanical problems, how to run a bus program, or other bus ministry issues. Post the problem and let’s see if we can work through it together to get your bus ministry back in gear and on the road.

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Sherri Bosworth

I was a bus kid! My family never attended church but I began riding the bus. Gave my life to Jesus that very first Sunday! That was in 1987! Fast forward to now… I am married to a Pastor and ministry is our life! Of course we are involved in bus ministry to this day!
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Mercy Van Raden

The bus ministry is one of the most rewarding ministries that a church can have; it teaches many different lessons to the bus worker as well as the bus kids. The bus route has increased my faith in God. One of my bus kids was convinced his dad was going to come to church. His…
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“The reason why many churches are not growing today; the reason why many churches are not reaching bus parents; the reason why many churches are not even running buses; the reason why many churches today are stagnant and hotbeds of internal strife; the reason why many churches are not winning the lost; the reason why many churches are not getting the job done is simply that they (for one reason or another) have their priorities mixed up.”

– David H. Sorenson