Mercy Van Raden

The bus ministry is one of the most rewarding ministries that a church can have; it teaches many different lessons to the bus worker as well as the bus kids. The bus route has increased my faith in God. One of my bus kids was convinced his dad was going to come to church. His dad had always gave me and his son excuses, but one Wednesday night his dad came!! I was very happy for him, but the verse came to mind “Oh ye of little faith.” (Matthew 6:30) How much did I doubt and I was a Christian! His son was not. Another thing God has taught me through my bus kids is why I should never give up the Christian life. My bus kids are watching my life and they will be influenced by the decisions I make whether they be small, trivial decisions like using my phone on Sundays or big, spiritual decisions like surrendering my life to God. With my bus kids or bus kids in general watching me, why should I be a bad influence? These kids will remember everything I say and do and I hope and pray that they will be able to look back and see why it is important to be a Christian.

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