Bobby Roberson

What a surprise! Bobby (Sylvester) Roberson and his wife came through Chesterton, Indiana unexpectedly. Bobby was saved at Fairhaven Baptist Church in 1980. His wife, who has never visited here, said that he’s always talking about Fairhaven, Fairhaven, Fairhaven! Bill Smith was his children’s bus captain. He said he used to close the blinds when he saw him coming because he knew Bill would talk to him about the Lord. Bill eventually led him to the Lord! All but one of his children were let to the Lord through our ministry and the other one, he led to the Lord himself. He moved away to Florida not long after that. Today, he was quoting sermons he heard from Dr. Roger Voegtlin. He said he loved his preaching! Back home in Florida, he is a soul-winner to some biking clubs. His wife said, “Keep witnessing – you never know what happens when you do!” Bobby still has preaching tapes from those old days. Praise the Lord!

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