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Dave and Carmen Moore

Dave and Carmen Moore —In 1971 when a bus ministry was just beginning, Dixie Gray, a first time bus workers knocked on the door of Dave and Carmen Moore in the little town of South Pekin.  Dave Moore was a jazz trumpeter in a dance band that played in area night clubs.  The Moores had five little children at that […]

Railroad Crossings – Special Situations

Special Situations If you run into an abandoned or unused track, treat it as a useable track and approach it the same way you would as a track being heavily used. Be on the lookout for malfunctioning crossing gates and lights. You should never drive around a malfunctioning gate. It is extremely dangerous and illegal. If you suspect a malfunction, […]

Railroad Crossing Procedures

Every state has different laws and regulations for crossing railroad tracks in a school bus. If you have any questions about your state laws or districts policies be sure to bring them up to your supervisor. In general, school buses must stop at all crossings, with or without passengers, and ensure it is safe before proceeding across the tracks.   […]

Lighthouse Baptist Church Alexandria Virginia

Am I a Bus Mechanic?

Am I a bus mechanic?  I would have to answer that question with a yes.  But what if someone were to ask me if I was a preacher, janitor, or grounds maintenance?  I would once again have to answer yes.  On Monday nights, some men in our church and I go to the local prison.  Not one of us is […]

Reaching the Parents

Reaching the Parents. The purpose of any bus ministry is to reach those who are lost.  The focus can be on children, but the ultimate goal should always be to win the whole family to the Lord. You must believe you can win the whole family to the Lord. Never lose the reality that each child and parent will either […]

Guidelines for the Bus Ministry

Bus Ministry Guidelines. The side door must be shut before bus is in motion. All children must be seated before the bus moves. Stop at all railroad tracks. All drivers must have a CDL. All drivers must wear their seat belts. The bus should be locked when not in use, windows up, and bus cleaned out before using again. Keys […]