Reaching the Parents

Reaching the Parents.

  1. The purpose of any bus ministry is to reach those who are lost.  The focus can be on children, but the ultimate goal should always be to win the whole family to the Lord.
  2. You must believe you can win the whole family to the Lord.
  3. Never lose the reality that each child and parent will either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.
  4. Develop and maintain a consistent relationship with parents. Bus drivers and/or helpers should make regular calls to parents informing them of upcoming events, asking if they have any questions about the church or bus ministry, and make a personal visit every 6 months or before.
  5. Set a goal to have one whole family won to the Lord and actively attending your church.
  6. Pray for salvation of children, other siblings, and parents.
  7. If you have a bus ministry director, have them follow up with a phone call to the parents asking them how pleased they are with your services and whether they are aware of other services your church offers.
  8. Develop and encourage a “Parent’s Sunday” as a way to encourage parents to attend your church.
Used By Permission – Pastoral Care Inc.

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